Everyone Hold On... I am Blogging!!!!

Since we haven't talked in a while, We will play catch up for a bit...
New Years 2014

With a crazy Christmas up here (all the family was in town) we had a quiet new Years, although as the years go by that is becoming a bit more of the norm. The Winter was CRAZY her in the Midwest and made me thankful I could tuck myself away in the studio and pretend it was all warm and sunny. Outside the cold was brutal and continued to be so well into what should've been Spring. I felt badly for my husband who has to get up early in it everyday for work... bleh. January saw a lot of wind chapped faces, but made for a perfect time for me to be pretty productive. I anticipated a busy summer, so I needed to created a lot of back stock for shows.
Rock Band

The Berry Trail

The Block Party

We spent a lot of time too waiting around to hear where we might be moving. Cole's contract is up at his current job, so with the country having more applicants out than there are jobs, it was nail biting time. We got a couple nibbles as far as interviews go, but- sparing you the gritty details- we are ending up down in Austin TX... Going HOME!!! It isnt exactly what we had in mind job wise, but better than nothing which is what so many other people are facing, so its always better to keep things in perspective.

Cole will be doing another post-doc at UT, similar to what he did here at Notre Dame, in hopes of it turning into something better when we are done there. Hoping for the academic market to not be so saturated in a few years? But who knows? For now, things have panned out and life goes on...
Cole trying on suits for job interviews... Dont tell him I posted this ;)

A big month for me personally, as I turned the big 3 0 on the 8th! I resolved this year to turn 30 into my healthiest year yet, so I have been doing well to eat better and exercise everyday. I know this sounds lame, straight forward, and pretty standard as far as resolutions go, but I have been very proud to have stuck with it and really feel better than I ever have before. I have gone from being very sedentary and... I guess I can say uncomfortably flabby, haha... to kind of a lean, mean machine!!! I have been using a row machine I bought at the beginning of the year and slowly have worked up to using it everyday so far. Im up to an hour on it daily and it is so cool to watch your body transform and become healthier. I have muscles, where I never knew there were muscles!!! Now the real kicker, after having lost 30 lbs, is to keep it all up. I am just on a maintenance regime now... maintaining healthy habits and remembering how hard I've worked to transform, so not wanting to go backward.
30 years old!

Its been great. I also found it to be a pretty great coping mechanism as we waded through all of Coles job stuff. It has helped to keep me focused on other positive things and not fret so much about stuff I cant control.

February was also a big notification month, as far as shows go, so I have been happy with how my schedule has shaped up. Some nice big shows with great reputations are encouraging to be a part of, along with good filler shows in between. Hoping for a good season and we look toward moving to a much more expensive cost of living in Austin vs South Bend. TBD...

This was the hubby's month to turn 30, but he didnt seem as resolved as I did for any major changes, haha. I think he was just glad to have a job pinned down and to keep on trucking, happy and healthy.

I had a couple small shows in March that were both really great early starts to my season. One has to try very hard to temper expectations from any one show... getting to up or down on any of them will only throw you a curve ball. So I try to go in with few expectations, but it is quite hard. When it is a small show, like these in March, I just dont ever expect much out of it... if nothing else, a nice excuse for me to get out of my house that I spent the winter pent up in. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how well their respective communities showed up and supported each show. They were both well run, fun and affordable, leaving room for me to make a little profit and pay some bills.
Garage Sale Art Fair... fun show in Kalamazoo, Michigan!

HATCH Reusable Art Fair in Champagne-Urbana, Illinois

All in all,  a slow little winter as we endured a lot of what felt like, hurry up and wait. Perhaps I can use that as an excuse for not having blogged anything!

To be continued in a few weeks with the 2nd quarter of the year and I will have had a lot of shows under my belt to tell you about.