Recently Sold

So sometimes I think it is fun to touch base with my blog and post what pieces have found new homes recently. As the season slows down I get excited for the Hail Mary sales that connect my work with loving families and this season has been especially great for some work getting snatched up that I thought was on its last tour! Here are a few most recent sales of both oldies but goodies, and some legitimately new work that really only got to see one show before I flew off the wall!

I went to a Mixed Media retreat in late August not really sure what I was getting myself into. I only went to show work at the Artists Fair, but immediately thought I would be out of place since a lot of other people seemed to be selling more supplies than actual work. It was only for 3 hours, so I took the gamble and in the end was so glad I did! Laughing as I left, I made more money in those three hours than I have a some shows I did for 3 days this season! It also felt good to meet some like minded lovely people in various states of mixed media adventures... It was good for the soul.
Dance in the Rain, 2013
I sold 2 originals at this fair and this was the first to go... I hadnt shown it before and was pleased to see how many people responded to it. It was fun to make and I think speaks to everyone who is prone to want to dance in the rain...

The Photo Booth, 2013
This is the second original I sold, and again, it hadn't made any outings. It was a fun piece that I knew would go to a fun person and I was right! The girl who bought this was not only lovely and amazing, but form my home state of TEXAS! I thought this piece may be an easier sale because it is my first all animal piece, so there is not one person you are having to relate to in it. It was a fun one... maybe I will feel out more photo booth pieces in the future!!

Now just last weekend I did a more traditional festival, like I am used to. It is one a did last year, so I had an idea of what to expect, and while sales were down a little, I was a beautiful day and, as I mentioned before, I sold some work that I was losing hope for ;) (kidding).

First Female President, 2012
This piece from my "mugshot series" was the first to go at this show. It was a funny series for me, because I made 4 of the mugshots and the first 2 sold very quickly last season, but these last two were having a tougher time finding homes. Everyone loves them, but they are fairly big, so I think people had a hard time committing to a quirky piece that size and mostly opted for their prints. This special piece has been pulling people into my booth for months without ever leaving, so I am glad there was a nice couple who picker her up and had a spot for her. My mugshot girl are some of my favorites!

The Usual Suspects, 2012
This piece went next to a couple who I just loved! They were fun and rowdy and all over the place, but I enjoyed their spirits and they were every encouraging and supportive of my work. If you remember, this is also the piece that made it on the cover of Somerset Studio earlier this summer. I advertised this on the piece itself, but that didnt seem to garner it any more interest. Like most pieces it just had to wait for the perfect pair to come in a connect with it and they just happened upon it at this show! Fun to see "The Usual Suspects" find an appropriate home!

Dreaming of Toe Shoes, 2013
Lastly this is another piece that was actually just on its first day out. I made it specifically for several people throughout the season who have come in looking for "mermaid" art, so while it is not my particular decorating style, I still made her a special "freckled" character. Well, those mermaid collectors did not disappoint! I think I could have sold this little girl 3 times, if I wanted to! I am not even sure the paint dried before she found a home for both her and her shell collection!

Always so thankful to everyone who feels drawn to collect my work. Its fun to recap as well and see how far I have come to be able to make things from my mind and with my hands that other people pay their hard earned money for. So lucky to be able to work hard at what I love...