Burn Out

I'd like to say that I have been super busy the last few weeks, but in reality I have been no more busy than usual. I think more than anything I have been suffering from computer burn out. The internet is definitely like a train wreck for me sometimes, that feels so awful, but I just cant stop looking! Only lately, however, have I really felt its soul sucking capabilities. So I have been trying very hard to duck my head and work on my paintings. It feels very freeing and I really want to limit myself even more! I am not one to set strict limits like, "I will only check Facebook once a day... blah blah blah..." But I can train myself to not automatically open it or my email the minute I sit down... often times forgetting the initial reason I even came to the computer! I literally will sit down, intent on looking up how long I need to bake a chicken recipe, open up Facebook for 30 minutes, get up when I am done and wonder why this raw chicken is sitting out on the counter? Ha! Hopefully I am not giving way to a more serious problem! I am getting more and more easily distracted every day... Thanks MOM!

It really is funny how noise canceling it can be though. Not incessantly knowing what all of your peers are doing online is like sitting in a quiet room without having to take on the weight of anyone else's thoughts. I am going to attribute this initial trial to Post Recognition. By quickly scrolling through my feed, I can now more easily recognize which posts are worth my time or not without having to read everything that is going on. I guess its as simple as speed reading a book when one only has to read every few words to get the gist of what a chapter is about... Speed reading Facebook! Now there is a reality competition waiting to happen... but remember you heard it here first!

Hope you've all had a great week. Now quit reading this blog and go do... anything else ;)!