This Calm Life

Isn't this a funny thought? I think so. But perhaps I am just late to the party. So often I am rushing around, worrying, wondering, dreaming about what is going to come next week, next month, next year. Sometimes there are plans to make, but quite simply, sometimes the answer is... nothing. Nothing is happening. And thats ok!

I spend most of my weekends on the road with all sorts of people when working with artists. And it always feels quite easy to get caught up in that lifestyle... this bohemian character that most people tack on to our profession. And, no matter how far one feels from that stereotype, or even how well others know you dont fit into it... we are all lumped together anyway. I know this because my husband has taken to calling me any number of things from hippie to carny to gypsy... even though he knows that I bathe regularly, dont particularly care for Patchouli, dont shop organic or hug lots of trees... and the closest thing to a caravan I will ever drive is a Dodge.

But it makes me laugh... this life people think we artists lead. And sometimes I wonder if I am not the only one who goes home from working an art festival to just be normal. I suppose there are people on the road who view our lifestyle as an escape... our travels as adventures. And, for sure, they can be... but it seemingly sets this crazy standard of what is an eccentric enough life to warrant being creative for a living? I suspect the answer isnt as glamorous or exciting as people would think. But the assumption makes me laugh... and of course wonder...

I guess an easy answer for me will always be that what goes on inside my head is never as easy to explain or as calm as what is happening around me... and not in a weird way, but... in a creative way. Maybe thats why this idea of a "calm life" is so appealing. My real, calm life, simply keeps me grounded. I look forward every weekend to collecting more stories on the road... and perhaps its that collection of stories that makes me all the happier to come home to this calm life.