Finally, the Follow Up!

Oy... I have really dropped the ball here lately. Havent written in a little while, but decided to give myself permission to not stress about it. I worked really hard this month up to my weekend off last week, so I am glad I was able to enjoy it. STILL... I left you guys on a bit of a cliff hanger, so I will try and start again where I left off because I never got to show you what came of my FIREWORKS endeavor!

I got 3 made in time for the show after the 4th of July several weeks ago, and while it may seem like fireworks are only a holiday thing... I like to think they are good for celebrating year round. I think if I could end each day with a fireworks show I would be thrilled!

So here is what I came up with...

The pics aren't my best, but I wanted to edit them quickly to get this post out! The three pieces can go together as a tryptic, or are also cute on their own. When you put them all together they make the Chicago skyline... unless you are from somewhere else... then they are of YOUR skyline, naturally.
The little girl on the end of this one is reading "The Chemistry of Pyrotechnics" in order to gear up for their launch. It was fun to make the fireworks on the outside of the piece, instead of just in the background. So many people see my work and wonder if I paint on the backside of the glass. I don't, so I figured... I can!!! So thats what I did here. Fireworks are painted on the inside of the glass for the foreground of each picture!
Lastly, if you look closely you can see the firecrackers this kid is setting off... but it seems the red head is sleeping right through it!!! I know somedays it feels like it would be hard to make it through to the end of some of those late firework shows, but I am not sure I could actually sleep through one like her! If only...

So, there you have it... the long awaited follow up! As you wait with baited breath, I will do my best to better keep up. There is much more to report on while I was MIA. Stay tuned!