Buffalo Grove

So I haven't gotten a chance to report yet on what has so far been my best show this season! I have to admit... when I rolled up to the show in Buffalo Grove, IL I had my doubts. It was in something that looked like an abandoned shopping center, but if it wasn't abandoned, there definitely wasn't much going on. I took a deep breath at 5 in the morning and began setting up. The sun was blazing for the entire show, but I managed to luck out and get one of the few little shady spots. A nice breeze blew through as I connected with old friends and, of course, made new ones. The community that supports the show in Buffalo Grove could not have been better as they checked in with us every 30 minutes or so with fresh water and snacks. They offered continental breakfast Sunday morning and you know I loaded my plate with all the frosted doughnuts I could hold! Anyway, it turned out to be both pleasant and profitable. Had some old and new pieces find good homes, so I thought I'd share what original Freckled pieces left my collection that weekend....
The Library, The Freckled Army, 2013

The Library was the first to go and I admittedly was sad to see it sell. Some pieces you just get attached to and it hadn't sat around long enough for me to get tired of it yet... Now it is sitting pretty out in Los Angeles and I was glad to meet its owner and hope she is happy and treating it well.

I Spy, The Freckled Army, 2012

Next, I Spy was an oldie, but a goodie around the booth for a while. This is one I was glad to see taken out of the booth. While it was a piece frequently commented on and admired, the lady who finally took it home seemed just giddy with it and even followed up on Facebook to say how glad she was to own it. That always makes me happy to hear...

Ice Cream Truck, The Freckled Army, 2013

Third, I sold the Ice Cream Truck, which was an illustration that took some time to grow on me. It was a piece I couldn't just quit touching because I felt like it just needed more tweaking. Finally I gave up on it and let it exist as it was. As it sat in the booth and on the wall, I really began to like it a lot and when it finally sold to a family full of connoisseurs... It was a bitter sweet sale.

Now the next two sales were very special to me because they both went to the same family and the mom in particular who is just soooo sweet and dear to me. Kim first visited me at the end of May earlier this year and, in awful weather, helped pull a different show out of the gutter with one of my few sales that weekend. Here in Buffalo Grove she came and found me again with her family in tow and bought two more pieces for her collection!!!
All About Attitude, The Freckled Army, 2012

She had her eye on All About Attitude at the first show I met her at, so was able to scoop it up this time. I think it is perfect for her and her little spunky self. I just loved her spirit and attitude...

Slow Down, The Freckled Army, 2012

Next they grabbed up this piece, Slow Down, which I have always loved, but knew it would take a special home to live in. Kim and her sweet husband Derrik have two daughters, so I think this one fit well in their family.

They rounded out their purchase with a couple reproductions for the girls rooms and their support for me and my work just felt so overwhelming. SO glad to have met Kim and her family and so happy to have had so many pieces find such happy homes.

I can only hope all of my works find such wonderful dwellings and keep their families smiling! Thanks Buffalo Grove!