Not Even Mid Season...

So two more shows in June and I thought it might be kind of fun to share with you guys some of my favorite comments so far this show season as I am not even near halfway through it. People do not often consider the energy and patience it takes to put oneself out there and show artwork- that is easily an extension of oneself- to a mass of people walking by. Most of these people wont get it and dont care to, but are more than happy to tell you what they think of your work, either because A) they dont actually get that YOU MADE IT, or B) They must reason that it is the sacrifice you make for enjoying what you do for a living- for being happy, you must endure their critical comments and jibes.

It always astonishes me, the stories artists can share with each other about the comments overheard in their booths- not to mention the ones said to their face! So while I can, on the other hand, go on and on about the appreciative, supportive, amazing patrons of my artwork, who always offer the most heartwarming compliments and sometimes venture to find a piece of art that they just cant live without... This little post is for the 100 other people who walk by for every one nice one. For those who not only dont get it, but have to make that point painstakingly apparent...

Yes... these are things ACTUALLY said to me at art festivals and, for those reading, its a wonderful lesson in the "If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all" category... Lets begin.

* "Your work is nice and all, but I usually go for things a bit classier."

* "I really just dont find any of this stuff compelling."

* "I really like your art, but your display makes all of your work look cheap and tacky."

* "Now, why would I buy any of your stuff when I dont know any of the people you've painted?"

* "Your people are fine, but you should work on some of your animal drawings."

* "If you would paint more cats, maybe you'd sell something..."

* "If I come back later, can I get this cheaper?"

* "Im going to take a picture of this piece, so I can print it out later..."

* "Gee, wish I could sit around and do this, but I have a real job."

* "This work is ALMOST interesting."

* "Are you all like gypsies and travel in a caravan, panhandling?"

* "Now, can I buy the frame from you without your art in it?"

And to just add a little bit of icing to an otherwise pretty standard sounding weekend selling at an art festival... My all time favorite...

* "Do you have a trash bag I can throw this dirty diaper in?"

Yes... yes, I know. It is hard to believe. But as the rest if us artists do on any given weekend, one just has to laugh so as not to cry! I am sure I am preaching to the choir here, but since I am sure none of you are making these comments, just be aware that we are hearing them all the time. And the next time you are walking a festival and thinking that we are all out, living the life... just remember, it is definitely all a bit tougher than it looks!!!

Until next time... perhaps I'll be investing in a diaper genie for my patrons ;)?