Grand Haven

Excited to be headed back to Grand Haven, MI this weekend! If nothing else, it is such a beautiful quaint little place... definitely the kind of town I would like to spend a relaxing weekend sometime (what are those?). the first time I did Grand Haven Art Festival, it was my very first dip into doing shows full time and I definitely had a long way to go. However, the only way to do festival life, for me, was baptism by fire... so I jumped in and flailed my way through my first show!

Well the first time was less than spectacular, haha, as I guess they usually are. So I am trying again with a bit more knowledge under my belt, both about the business and the town!

Grand Haven is picturesquely set on Lake Michigan and has a lot to brag about as far as attractions. Of course, you know I am dying to get my feet sandy on the beach. I have written before about being used to the Gulf waters in TX, so a "lake beach" is hard to wrap my head around! I enjoy it either way though. It doesn't smell the same, but is a lot cleaner. And not as many scary critters!

Next, I want to take the time to see this Musical Fountain I have read about! Apparently at dusk, Grand Haven puts on this fountain show where it shoots water, music, and color into the air for the public's enjoyment! I am excited to see it and will report back on how it compares to The Bellagio ;)!

Lastly, anyone who knows anything about Grand Haven will tell you their pride and joy is the Lighthouse and Pier. From pictures, it looks like the ultimate hangout and is a beautiful sight in all seasons!

In honor of my trip back and their gracious tourist attractions  I did my own little take on their Lighthouse in hopes of paying homage to the Art Festival patrons...

Of course, you know mine has a little "freckled" twist, but I think it is funny none-the-less... and the Grand Haven Lighthouse lends itself as a perfect backdrop to their predicament!

Hope to see you on the beach!!! Have a great weekend!