Family, Festivals, and Falling Behind!!!

I was so very lucky to have spent all of last week with my Mom and Sister. They both drove a long way to visit me and I was even more excited they got to come to one of my art shows. They on and off (mostly off ;) ) helped me at the Broad Ripple festival and are always sweet enough to invest in my art and work when I let them. Love these girls so much!
Sara, Mom, Me... and a little Eli hair

Broad Ripple was ok. I am just now getting to write about it, but I think I did well for the amount of traffic that came though and was glad to always have someone to talk to. The days at festivals when traffic is slow and no one even wants to chat are tough, so everyone was happy to be out and about for the weekend. Saturday the forecast sealed our fate as thunderstorms were predicted all day... but alas they didn't really materialize... just left an empty show. Surprisingly I did better on Saturday than I did on Sunday... I think if people get scared off by the rain, they are even more afraid of the heat. Since I am from TX, I always have to laugh a little at the complaints about 80 degree summer days. I know everyone in the business has done hotteer shows, but I guess patrons who dont get out as much find it quite warm.
Broad Ripple 2013

This sounds like such a half hearted review, but the last several shows I have done have seen low traffic and I guess I just sit and hope it isn't a sign of the times. Perhaps everyone is just slow to come out of hibernation? But it is easy to feel a waning sense of support for American Made arts when the economy is still so tough. We all just keep trudging forward...

Thankfully though I didn't have too much time to dwell on it. We stayed pretty busy with Mom and Sister, shopping, site seeing (in Indiana?), and playing the slots!!!
Gambling Girls... Casinos = grossest places ever

Mom always talks like she is an avid gambler, but really if you could just give her some pennies, she would sit and the low-rollers slots machines all day. I laughed at her antics and made a comment on FB about how- since I always compare the art business to gambling- I must have gotten it from her!
Some Freckles I am working on

So now of course, thanks to my family indulging me in a visit, I have gotten SUPER behing in work I am doing. I have commissions, dioramas, freckled girls... so much to make! And I am about to hit a long string of shows, so hopefully I can get on top of everything! Onward and Upward to Chicago next weekend!
Memoir #4... Betcha thought I forgot!