Somerset Studio

In an effort to expand my creative venues, I took a gamble (shock!) and made some work for Somerset Studios last Christmas. There was a call on their website looking for work in the theme of "Movie Magic," so I thought- hey... I watch movies! And I got to work on a few pieces to submit to them.

I came to find that choosing the "movies" I would make for this theme is a great lesson for anyone competing on a greater stage to showcase their talent. For instance... while watching any number of shows along the lines of American Idol or The Voice, a viewer can smell a disaster before anyone ever starts singing. Sure... we would all love to hit the rafters with Minnie Ripperton's "Lovin' You" or jam out Gaga's more contemporary "Poker Face" but just because we love these songs, under no circumstances does that mean we should be performing them in hopes that our love can radiate past the flat climax or lack of extravagant costume. My point being: just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD! My not-so-secret desire to be a rock star aside, if anyone ever asks why I would watch so much trashy reality TV, I can point to this lesson. But, I digress...

So in picking the movies I wanted to make for submission, one can imagine how tough it would be to mine through my favorites and not only pick ones that I love, but movies that would also fit my style, color palette, and inspiration. As a child of the 80's, I made it easier on myself once I narrowed it down to some oldies but goodies. I held my breath, worked my butt off, packed them up, and shipped off my "Movie Magic" takes on The Usual Suspects, Thelma and Louise, and Big...

Well you can imagine my excitement when I received an email from the editor saying they were going to publish me! Honestly, I had no idea exactly what that meant, but I knew enough to be psyched! I slaved over my article for the piece but had no idea what capacity it would be used in.

So there we go... sent it all off, done and done. Never heard another word about it until I got my artist copy in the mail... and OMG!!! My work is on the cover!!! How amazing is that??? They published all my pictures, my whole article, AND put me on the cover! I had no idea! Such a fun, big, proud, moment... I definitely had to share!
Cover Girl! A Clip of one of my pieces on the cover!
My article with The Usual Suspects piece...
Tools and Techniques with Thelma and Louise and Big
My mom should be proud that my tats even got a prominent feature ;)!
So yes, all of that rambling above was just to say... SO SO COOL! This issue is Somerset Studio's May/June edition so if you want a copy, you can pick it up in stores now, I would guess. Thats only if my mother hasn't gotten every copy available. She alone could make this their best selling issue ever! Ha!

So thanks everybody for reading and for any kind encouragement. Onward from here to keep moving and shaking... and of course- CREATING!