I just wanted to do a quick post and give a head nod to the art of Origami. I recently used the technique in an art piece I made which included Origami stars...
Group of Origami Stars
They are the coolest little things, and so easy to make! I'll show you the "star" piece in another post, but I just today decided to venture into the Origami world again it got me thinking about the origin of the art.

I wish I could say that I stumbled upon a vibrant and rich cultural history, but in the research I did, there seems to be little knowledge of the origin of the art or what purpose it served. While traditionally assumed to be Japanese, there is evidence throughout history of the art of folded paper in many countries across Europe and Asia. Each of course had its own meaning and significance, but  I was fascinated that something we so willing have accepted as being from one culture, seems to have a history that is a bit more cloudy.

Either way, I imagine the Japanese can at least be attributed with popularizing it, as it has become, in their culture, a way to honor and celebrate anything from weddings, to warriors, to memorials.

So I just wanted to share some of my favorite Origami examples that I have come across in my venture... Unfortunately they cannot all be accommodated to work in my mixed media pieces, but they are all so cool and brilliant, they dont even need me ;)!

Folded Paper Wall-E

Folded Catfish from a dollar bill

Awesome Paper Yoda!

Folded Paper Lion
I am going to make some smaller pieces for a show this summer that will incorporate some Origami clothes, but that will TBD later. The ideas and range of things one can learn to make are endless!
Paper Clothes
Thankfully, for my work, the color combos are limitless too! Happy folding everyone!