More More More More....

More new pieces... but the way I look at it- at least I am content inside working since getting outside keeps looking bleaker and bleaker... Ugh. All this April shower crap better bring some beautiful freaking May flowers! Ahhhh!

Until then, I stay happy with the spring inside my head...

Ornament Escape
I dont know when I started thinking these flamingos were funny, but have definitely always felt they needed a good rescue if ever caught as someones yard art! And you probably thought it would be hard to make some of those beautiful row houses look cheap? Ha!

Kite Flying
This is for sure my favorite piece so far this season. I LOVE it. I guess I will just be in heaven whenever I have my own rooftop garden set among patchwork mountains to fly kites from! Perfect!

Star Catchers
Lastly, I guess I should take a note from some of my own work when talking about how gloomy it has been outside. these girls just made their own light when it got cloudy! This is the piece that features the origami stars I referenced a couple posts ago... they were a little time consuming to make, but hey- these girls needed some tree decor!

Thanks for looking in! We'll catch up more soon!