Anniversary? Maybe?

Anniversary gift ideas
Feel like I have been staying so busy lately trying to get ready for the upcoming (too fast) show season, but had a thought to pop in here and have a laugh! Mine and Cole's anniversary is today, we think. Haha... I say that because we are not exactly sure the exact day we got married. Ours was a courthouse wedding and nothing fancy and all I really remember about it was some sort of confusion about the dates- even at the time. I think what must've happened is when we registered we had to wait 24 hours before we could do a little ceremony. So every year since then we have always gotten confused as to whether we celebrate the 3rd or the 4th! Our license says the 3rd... but I think we managed to tell all our families our anniversary id the 4th. At least that what the old newspaper announcements say! Ha! At any rate... I just tell Cole I celebrate every day I am married to him and leave it at that!

We have only been married for four years, but always get a laugh looking up the kinds of presents one expects to receive for such occasions. Below is Hallmark's list of traditional vs modern gifts by year and interests me in that it suggests gifts for every year up to 15 at which point only every 5th year gets recognized! As if after 15, its all a wash and gets so much easier! I dont know- perhaps no one ever expects to make it to 15 anymore:(. I told Cole not to worry about it- for every year there is not a gift suggestion, we can just insert a trip to somewhere and maybe that will get us traveling! 

Other than that, I can do without most of these things  Cole and I were both dismayed we missed "leather" for year 3. I would have asked for a leather scented candle- perhaps only to be found in TX, but boy they sure do remind me of home... Take a look, what would you be interested in on this list? 

Go traditional or be modern. Get anniversary gift ideas from this list and take it from there.
7thWool/CopperDesk Sets
10thTin/AluminumDiamond Jewelry
11thSteelFashion Jewelry
13thLaceTextile Furs
14thIvoryGold Jewelry