Some Birthdays

I've had a couple birthdays this past week to plan around on. Well, I guess I didnt have to plan both, because Mom lives too far way. Her birthday was Monday and it was the first one of hers in a long time that I haven't traveled to see her on! Money has just been so tight for everyone that I know she understands... Sara and I were tickled, though, to find these little wire birdies for her... I think they are so cute! And she loves watching birds out of her back window, so they are perfect!
Wire Animal Sculptures on Etsy
They are having some communication issues, but I am sure they'll work it out. Me and Mom always seem to!

Then just yesterday was the Hubby's B Day. He is so weird. Definitely one of those people who insists they dont want to do anything, but then laments how lame their birthday is when nothing exciting happens. So I try every year to make it as special as our wallets will allow. Since he had to work all day, we are setting aside his "special" day until the weekend when he has requested to play video games all day, while I bake chocolate chip cookies periodically (I bought 3 24-packs of raw cookies)... then out of the blue, he wants tacos for dinner. Ha! Sure, I can do all of that. The only thing very different from most of our weekends will be the barrage of cookies, but hey- that one is mutually beneficial.

So that will be this Saturday I guess, but I couldn't just let a hum drum Wednesday fly by without at least acknowledging the day!
What do you mean, he doesnt look impressed? Haha... I decorated outside his office at the lab and while he puts on the show of being embarrassed and annoyed that everyone keeps interrupting him to say, Happy Birthday... he puts up with my shenanigans for the most part. You cant see in the picture, but I wrote "29 AGAIN" on his window (he did actually turn 29) because it is a joke how much older he is that the students in the lab. I figure everyone will keep asking how old he really is and when he insists 29, I imagine everyone rolling their eyes and going, OK Cole, sarcastically. Haha... I am so funny.

But in spite of his irritation at the attention at work, I overcame his bad attitude to have him some chocolate covered Oreos at home, a couple bottles of some whisky he has been wanting to try, and this painting I made for him...
It is a portrait of us for the house, and while I am generally opposed to decorating my home with my own art... I made an exception for his gift. Hung in the hall right outside the bathroom there where he spends the most time and can marvel at its beauty!

So thats what we've been up to... still trying to stay warm as the snow continues to fall with no sun in sight. Ugh. First day of spring my foot!