As we move into March, we are winding down our exploration of my Zodiac series with only 3 more signs to look at!

From what I have read, Scorpios must be one of the most misunderstood signs of the Zodiac. They are thought of as vicious and combative, but so many of their traits are ones to be admired and are really more self protective- similarly to the hard shell of The Scorpion!
Scorpio on Etsy
My lighter representation of Scorpio has her more resourceful side on display as The Scorpion uses its stinger to pour tea for its loyal friend! Tenacity and moodiness aside, Scorpios are devout friends and very protective of those they deem worthy. While my Scorpio friends can be hot-tempered, they are dynamic and clever creatures who are fiercely loyal and draw a lot of people to their social personalities. Cunning and complex, The Scorpion is an easy ally to want on your side when the going gets tough!

With all that pent up hostility, lets see what the stars say about Scorpio's future!

"All About You" could well be the title of a book that most of your friends and family will want to read this year. However, circumstances such as Saturn pouting in your sign may make you want to glue the pages of that book together. It's all right to want to handle certain things alone. In some cases, you just may need only the company of your own thoughts to solve particularly puzzling practical dilemmas.

But whether you know it or not, you'll be dropping clues in conversation that something interesting is bubbling under your surface, and your friends will be anxious to find out all there is to know. You may be resistant to letting them in on your secrets, but the truth remains that they have something to offer.

Your road is built like a jigsaw puzzle this year, and sometimes other people will have the necessary pieces to complete it. Even if you're not feeling 100% all the time, or even if you feel that others are just a hindrance, don't shut anyone out who might want to help. You could be surprised at what you'll get in return.

Whoo hoo... looks like it may be easier for Scorpios to be a friend than to let friends in this year! Try to keep in mind you dont always have to go it alone and you may be surprised, as I often am, by the help you may find when you reach out!