We are on our second to last sign in my Zodiac series and it is one of my favorite! Sagittarius! Now, I cannot pretend that this piece was not influenced by the ever so popular Hunger Games series that I fell in love with, but I cant help but think Katniss had to have been a Sagittarius. Other than the obvious connection to the sign of "The Archer," when you read about the character of a Sagittarius, it screams of someone who is going to save the world, haha, right?
Sagittarius on Etsy
Careless, optimistic, impulsive, confident, unrealistic!!! Ha, it is clear that my belief in Sagittarians doesn't exactly coincide with my confidence in their abilities! But, hey, saving the world would be tough... only the unrealistic and irresponsible will ever actually accomplish it...

Anyway, it all seemed to work to Katniss's advantage! Sagittarians are in love with the outdoors and being active, so lets see if there are great adventures at large for this little archer!

The year marches in presenting you with a map of many roads. A Grand Air Trine on January 4 gives you the key to unlock new discoveries. At first you may be surprised at how it gives you new insight on your family relations. Even on those days when you're keeping your head down, sorting out your troubles, your private life will accelerate to the point where you're receiving welcome guidance you never expected. If you have children, even they might surprise you with nuggets of wisdom that will stop and make you think.

Beginning at the end of January with the Full Moon in Leo, there will be a fair amount of friends pulling you in various directions. Some of them may be highways of promise and others may be dead ends. It's up to you to keep a clear head and look at your personal "road map" to decide if a path is right for you. Don't let the joviality of the social scene decide your course. Real friends will be there for you even if you're forced to say "no" to them.

Geez! It does sound like you are a road to discovery! The stars seem ever in your favor (sorry, I couldn't resist) as you decide which road to venture down in 2013! if only we could all have the same exciting prospects!

Stick it out with me as next time we look at our last, but not least sign, Capricorn!