Here I meant this to be a February series and we are ending up in March! Oh well... all's well that ends well with (triumphant music) CAPRICORN!!!

Humorously, a Capricorn may be the most likely to be upset by being the last posted in my series! They are known for being a bit miserly and skeptical and herein lies the infamous "Cusp" again in that my father (who is an Aquarius, like me) is represented well by both "The Water Bearer" and "The Goat"! He is born on January 21st which is the first day of an Aquarian, and while he is as creative and elitist as myself :)... he is also extremely well versed in the ways of a Capricorn! Really weird to me that all of my close family encompass so many different signs!
Capricorn on Etsy

Now, admittedly I do not know as much about "The Goat" as one who has pontificated for so long on all of these Zodiac signs should. I thought they were a sillier animal who made me laugh often on You Tube when they bucked around like little broncos! However, it seems enough to understand the stubbornness and resourcefulness of many farming animals who are known to be hard working and wary. It is easy to draw these lines between "The Goat" and a Capricorn, making the sign well represented.

Lets take one last look at what the universe has to tell us about the rest of the Capricorn's coming year as we finish up our Zodiac investigation...

This year, Capricorn, your personal life may be overwhelmed by your working life. The good news is that though family life may not be as strong as it could be, your social life might begin to bustle in unusual ways.

On June 16 the Moon passes into Libra, creating new connections with people who might have only existed in the corner of your eye up until now. It's not that you didn't care about them - your paths just didn't cross. Now, more than ever, a meaningful connection could be forged that will propel you through some busy times.

This is especially good since a support network will need to be in place so that you don't lose yourself in other people's goals. In the rush of everyday life, especially with belligerent Mars in Virgo in the fall, you might feel a bit more knocked down. Without friends, you might judge yourself too harshly. But the truth is, you're doing fine and gaining the respect of people who don't have your conscientious streak. Stand tall, and more and more people will look up to you for inspiration!

Well, it sounds encouraging in that you may be able to find beneficial connections in people and places that just happened to cross your path, which saves you time in having to seek them out! Try not to be too hard on yourself as you keep your nose to the grindstone at work- it sounds like it will all pay off in the end!

Whew! Thats it for my all-too-scientific approach to the signs of The Zodiac! I hope you found it as fun as I did and, while not taking it too seriously, found yourself curious as to what the stars had to say about you and yours! 

Thanks for reading!