Taurus is next up on my Zodiac list and I ventured out to look up some famous Bulls. You will never believe who I found to be some of the better know signs of the Taurus... George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Al Pacino, Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz... This is excellent! To think of some of the characteristics of Taurus as being brooding and determined, I find it spot on to associate each of these celebrities as being brooding, haha! I mean, any good sexy face could be deemed as brooding, so it must be a Hollywood thing!
Taurus on Etsy

While known as being bull-headed and inflexible, I think my little matador and her horned friend came out to show a cuter side of their sign! For those of you bulls who aren't yet celebrities, here is what 2013 says you have to look forward to...

You're eager to welcome the New Year, but you may not feel quite so hopeful, at least at first. Skeptical Saturn in Scorpio opposes your sign, so if you're serious about making something of yourself, you need to shake off all traces of gloom and keep that positive energy coming. 

What do you want to accomplish this year more than anything? The mutual reception involving Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn implies success in your finances, but be careful not to go crazy spending if you do acquire more moolah. Uranus squares the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto, so there might be some unexpected expenses. 

Plus, it's important that you balance health concerns with whatever goals you're hoping to reach. Your motto for the year should be: "Steady as I go." Be careful not to try to rush things. Go with the flow. Success will come in due time.

Eh. This seems encouraging. Looks as though you may need to try and pace yourself- be kind to yourself as you wade through the year. The beginning of any year can be tough to shake off the winter, but hopefully as it continues things with begin to look brighter. Just keep pushing forward like the animal you are!

Next? Gemini! Now who doesn't get excited about Twins?