Going in order, Pisces is next on the list of Zodiac signs, after Aquarius. Even without it being my sign, I feel like I am pretty familiar with certain Pisces. Some of my most favorite people in the world are Pisces- my Mom and my husband!
Pisces on Etsy

To be fair, saying Mom and Cole are both Pisces can be arguable, because they are both born on what is known as The Cusp (which sounds so magical to me- I want to be born on the cusp!). This only means that they are born within two days of the transition into a new sign so they have attributes of both. When reading about the different traits of Pisces, this makes a lot of sense for both when it comes my personal connections with the sign. And funnily enough, Mom is just barely on the cusp at March 18th and Cole is full on the the cusp with March 20th, and they have characteristics according to how close they are to the next sign! Mom has quite a few more traits of Pisces, whereas Cole has a hard time finding where he might fit in as a Fish!

Here is what I have listed as in store for Pisces...

This year you may ask yourself more than once, "Am I ever going to have time for me?" Family, friends, and acquaintances are going to depend on you, simply because your natural empathy will be at its highest. You're just the person who sees things in a new light!

However, the principle of positive retribution will bring that good energy right back to you. The first weeks of March bring a sense of happiness and enlightenment, whether from an outside event or just from your own positive well-being! Instead of the straw that broke the camel's back, you'll discover the straw that builds the camel's back stronger and more powerful. Your friends' constant attention will become no longer a weight, but a strengthening pillar.

This is decidedly positive, as you're bound to face a few new folks in your life who might take advantage of your good nature, especially after late July when Venus opposes Neptune. However, don't let any bad apples spoil the bountiful harvest. You can keep questionable contacts at arm's length while still appreciating the joys and merits of being in your inner circle. And if someone earns your trust, you'll know it inside. Your intuition won't fail you, but there's no harm in backing a feeling up with facts!

This sounds applicable already as I know Mom and Cole both are relied upon very heavily by those of us who love them! Cole works very hard and often is looking for time to himself as he spends so much of it helping others and tending to his needy wife (ha). And, well, you know Moms... Mine is every bit of the helpful, sensitive, and caring person Pisces describes, so I hope the stars are right and it all comes back around to each of them!

Next up? Aries!