Perhaps if I were to pick a sign in the series that I could more gainfully represent, it would have to be Libra as we pick our way through her well balanced lifestyle! I guess I dont know many people who wouldn't be envious of a Libra's desire to live a peaceful and uncomplicated life! The easy balance of work and play seemingly comes naturally to these folks as the always work to balance the sign of "The Scales" in their favor!
Libra on Etsy
I have known a lot of friends that are Libras and it comes in handy to have their easy-going and diplomatic characters around my domineering personality. At the same time, I can easily recognize their flighty ways and observe how their affection helps them to manipulate you to their charms! Be careful when you are drawn to those Libras who have it all figured out and put together! Their sociable and outgoing vibes are easy to want to be around and be taken over by!  

It looks like their idealism works to their advantage this year as we look into their horoscope...

January 1's entrance places Libra firmly on the Ascendant - which hints that Libran sociability might blossom into something beneficial. You've got what it takes to make a strong impression on people, and this year will be a fast and furious cycle of interaction.

But don't get too caught up in others' pie-in-the-sky ideals. Use your charm to defuse any attempts to take your feet too far off the ground. There are going to be many times when you'll have to think of "you first" - even in situations where you may feel you're being selfish to do so. Remember: The key word is balance, so think about every new adventure before plunging in!

Libras are great examples to follow in how they use their character traits to their advantage! Libras just may have lift off in 2013!

We are in the home stretch as my next post deals with (doom music) The SCORPION!!!