Moving forward in our glance at the Zodiac series I created, this is an easy look for me at the sign of Leo, because my super best friend just so happens to be a Lion... well kind of. I wonder if there is a name for people who tend to be surrounded by others who are on The Cusp of their astrological signs? As I told you, my mom and Husband are both on The Cusp of Pisces and here I am bragging about another on-the-cusper in my sister!

True to form, she is only a Leo is the very slightest of senses as she reigns on August 21st (and often times every other day of the year, if you know her ;) ) so in the next post we'll have to see if she leans more on her adjoining sign of Virgo which starts on the 24th.
Leo on Etsy
Until then I can testify to that fact that Sara (my ultimate favorite Leo) is not often the spotlight seeking Lion she should be for as talented as she is. And while I am often encouraging her to be the big-brave-dog I know she can be (sorry, Rugrats reference) her Lion attributes can come up wanting!

Lets look at what what most Leo's have in store for 2013...

The sign of Leo the Lion is also the sign of the king. Therefore natives of Leo, a Fire Sign, tend to be attractive, charismatic, and lots of fun to be with - and on New Year's Day, a Grand Fire trine confirms that idea. Furthermore, the sextile between Jupiter and Uranus implies a year full of excitingly different events.

A new and unusual side to your family life and circle of friends will unfold, giving you a new perspective. Think of your family and friends as a mirror. The more you look into their souls and lives, the more you understand who you are.

One last thing, Leo: Toward the end of the year, there may be a shake-up in your social circle that could pose a challenge for you. However, your base of support will still remain. As the saying goes, the love you give will equal the love you get.

Uh Oh! I for sure will have to check in with Sara near the end of the year to investigate this "shake-up" in her social circle! Haha! I know she will be the attractive and charismatic Leo that I love and adore throughout the rest of the year, though, so she remains true to character in being one of MY funnest people to be around!

For all of you Fair Maidens... VIRGO is next up!