After a look at Taurus in my series, Gemini is up! I always think about Gemini as being an interesting sign because it is the sign of The Twins. Whenever you read about it, it is fascinating to me because the sign suggests that everyone under Gemini has- not multiple personalities in a crazy sense- but an internal struggle always going on. As if there is another force inside you making it hard to make decisions. For anyone who knows twins in real ife and knows all the studies about their spiritual connections, I just find interesting the idea of being spiritually connected to your sign in that it almost creates another being to bounce your ideas off of! Very "other worldly"!
Gemini on Etsy

So, in building on the idea of Gemini's being of two different minds, some of their traits make sense as fickle, nervous, and indecisive are easy to be when one is pulled in different directions. However, it also seems to be beneficial in that, a Gemini's versatility can make it easy to be around them. The Twin's horoscope seems a bit more planetary than the rest here...

Are you even marginally superstitious? The fact is that, at the stroke of midnight on January 1, magnanimous Jupiter (though retrograde) will be high in the sky, in your sign, forming a sextile with Uranus, planet of luck, in Aries. That places the wind solidly at your back. But don't take anything for granted.

If you hope for a lucky break, you still have to work for it. It's just that under these circumstances, what most people consider a lucky break is actually the result of diligent efforts. In addition, Jupiter will be forming a Grand Air trine with Mars in Aquarius and the Ascendant in Libra. You probably won't experience fortunate breaks at the snap of a finger, but you'll put in sufficient effort to make things happen for yourself. Your motto for the year should be "Go for it!" because with a little work plus the planet's blessings, anything is possible.

So if you can follow that trip through the solar system, it seems there are great things to be done this year for Gemini if The Twins are persistant enough to get there!

Check in next time as we look at crabby Cancer!