Feeling a bit bad as I begin this post, because I hope and assume that anyone googling a legitimate form of Cancer will only find this post way far down in the search results. Otherwise, perhaps this can serve to lighten the load of such a serious query as we dip a toe into the next astrological sign on our journey... Cancer!

I wonder as I think about my Cancer friends as to the circular nature of deciphering Zodiac signs. It seems a bit too convenient that my friends always seem to so embody theirs astrological signs, which leads me in- all of my skepticism- to wonder if we want to see the association so badly that we assign characteristics to people that they dont really have... Or on the other hand, perhaps it is more likely that all the different signs keep their attributes so broad and all encompassing that no matter where you fall, you are bound to have a couple of character matches!
Cancer on Etsy
Either way, the friends I have who fall under the Cancer sign do tend to be moody, touchy procrastinators! But what does one expect when you spend all of your time being a Crab?
Look at whats going on with you this year...

Your Cancerian focus on the family will be highlighted in your mind this year. You'll be very busy with activities that involve your family and your closest friends. Every new group activity you'll be engaged in will give you strength and stamina to face other problems.

This is good, because around the Spring Equinox, there might be shaky moments in friendships that have nothing to do with you. Your Cancerian inclination to "hold on" may be fairly important during the times when upset friends need support, but you'll also know when to let go, stand at a distance, and analyze the situation. Love for others shouldn't come at a price, and if you keep busy and focused, you won't lose anything more than honest sweat.

And speaking of sweat, water plays a very important part in your dealings this year. There will be events where you might be near water and you meet interesting people who will bring important things to your table of personal development. Whatever the happenstance, water will be the key thing you remember about it when you look back on it, so stay alert to this!

It seems that despite your moody tendencies, your home-loving nature restores your most redeeming quality as you focus on family and friendships! As to the latter half of the 'scope... I dont know- it seems kind of a no brainer that a birthday in this part of the summer would have to take a trip to a beach or two! Go figure you'll be near water- I could've guessed that!!!

Onward, ho to look at Leo!