Okay, had a romantic detour for Valentines, but after my last post about Pisces, Aries is the next sign in the year of my Zodiac portrayal!

As I was looking over the traits of an Aries and recalling who I know with those birthdays, I had to laugh as Cole and I remembered my sister-in-law. Her birthday is at the beginning of April and I think she would blush a bit while embodying some of the Aries characteristics! Restless, brash, bossy, blunt... she is all fiery as it seems any good Aries should be! As I mentioned before it is also Cole's sign on the cusp and he seems to be more truly an Aries as well, so there is no shame in their confident attitudes!
Aries on Etsy
Yep! The sign of The Ram is very indicatie of an Aries personality and I have yet to (knowingly) meet a Ram I didn't like! Lets see what the year has in store...

This is going to be perhaps one of the luckiest years in your life! As the year begins, the Moon, ruler of the emotions, will be posited at 20 degrees of Leo, the Lion, a Fire Sign like Aries, and Venus, planet of love, will be in another Fire Sign: Sagittarius, the Archer. Last but not least, the Ram, your own Sun Sign, will be teamed up with Uranus (lucky surprises!).

This just might mean that you're going to have a busy time of it, but it will be a productive time. At the very least, you'll be occupied with a task, project, or new innovation that will enable you to advance your career aspirations. 

Travel may take up several weeks at a time, so even when you're home, you might keep a packed suitcase ready to go if and when fortune knocks on your door.

Well, if all the talk of being born on "the Cusp" is right, it seems I should be very much pleased for Cole have this horoscope! Aries look to have a great 2013 lined up for them! So at least if Cole can get a little bit of Aries good fortune... it will have to rub off on me by association!

Looking forward to Taurus next!