If you haven't followed on facebook, I made a new little series of Zodiac girls that I thought it would be fun to post about. February is my birth month, so I thought I could take advantage of it, by posting about each of the 12 signs and their associated traits!

While I realize she is not the first sign, I am going to start with Aquarius because she is mine and I just celebrated my 29th birthday this weekend! In the days leading up to my birthday, I kept laughing to myself about people who were legitimately turning 29 and wondered how many people believe me or think I am just retelling a super lame joke in reference to my age! Rest assured... when I hit the big 3 0 next year, I will say... I turned 30.

While I have been working on this series my husband has wondered in and speculated about the people he knows associated with different signs. He seemed to think mine is spot on as you read the descriptions. I think it is also indicative of my sign that I am proud of the traits that I know are supposed to have a more negative connotation! Obstinate, elitist, unyielding, dogmatic... yep. I am good for all of those accusations! I have found through the years, it definitely adds character and these descriptions are not only recognized by my husband, but are what others seem to remember about me as well... which maybe I should not be so proud of!

In my Etsy listing for this print, I have listed Aquarians horoscope for the year and I am not sure how promising it sounds...

If you've heard of the book How to Make Friends and Influence People, the aspects given this year will help you become an expert in both. It's not a matter of "learning" how to get along, but rather sensing what's wrong in a situation and making it right.

February 8, when the Moon is in Aquarius (also enriched by other aspects) you can more easily think on your feet during conflicts. This is especially convenient, as you're likely to be knocked around from place to place a lot this year. With all the coming and going you'll be doing, you'll need to keep your stamina up more than ever.

Take time for yourself this year, because the otherwise intense attention you might get from friends and family could overwhelm you. You may have to give yourself a crash course in not expecting too much from yourself. You're only human, and in the end, it's your very humanity that will make you respected and loved by the ones you care about.

Doesn't necessarily bode well for business, but what do you? Have to keep on truckin'. I read an article on CNN also that was referencing The Chinese New Year and this being the year of the snake. It indicated that the year of the snake will only be a good one for a few people- namely Roosters. I was born in the year of the Rat, so it said, financially, this year would just be ok for me- ha!

So, while I have never been one to put any thought into what the stars have to say about my future, if all of my horoscopes combined come true, I guess at least I will be in about the right spot for a second year of new business! Not a whirlwind, but not completely irrelevant, haha!

Stay tuned this month as I go through the signs and together we'll see what the stars hold for you!