January Bummer

I know I am not alone in feeling like January is the worst month of the year. However I am only now figuring out it is even worse when you are trying to run your own art business and dont have anything thing else pushing you to get moving as another whole year starts all over again. This January has been more encouraging than lots of others, if only for the weather. We came home from Christmas break to some snow, but it has been relatively warm for January and all the snow is gone again. Im quite sure that doesn't bode well for the planet as a whole, but for now I dont feel weighed down by all the slush.

You would not believe the holiday we had. I wish I had kept up to write about the whole thing, because when I wait to type this stuff out, I have usually told the stories so much that I get tired of rehashing it! Lets just say it was one for the books as far as Cole and I are concerned. We have always thought we have kind of rotten luck and this holiday didn't prove differently. One starts out the holiday with no money because it was all spent on presents, but for Cole and I it never seems to end there! 

While I was away from home we had our car break down, an ipad shatter, our furnace go out, the toilet break, and our dog need hip surgery... but what's new with you? Sometimes it just seems like one thing after another!

The biggest deal is obviously our car breaking down. You probably think our car broke and we just had to wait and spend hundreds to fix it, but no. Our car broke down and we had to wait for someone to tell us it was a lost cause so we need to spend thousands on a new one! It is bittersweet because I had grown attached to my Honda and had just spent last year perfecting how I travel to art festivals in it. Now everyone is asking how we are liking our new Ford Edge, and you know... its nice, but we weren't really prepared to pay for it. The Honda was paid off, but we were pretty hard on it so we knew it wasn't going to last as long as we wanted. Our new car doesn't have as much room for all my stuff, so once it warms up again I will start over trying to Tetris all my supplies in. 
Did manage to fit the dog in the new car, so thats a big step...

I do remind myself we are very lucky though, to be able to provide for ourselves when I know others would be very much up a creek. Just never helps to begin a new year treading water.

For now I am staying inside, enjoying the sun when it peeks through the windows (very unusual for January). I am working on some magazines submissions in between stocking up on new work when festival season comes back- bracing myself a little for all the show applications I have out.

So I am looking at a ho-hum January. What do you do to get back into the swing of life?