A Warning to the Younger Me

I found this picture and it made me laugh, so I got to thinking about where I am right now and the warnings I might give a younger me. Here are some of the things I came up with...

1. When you are in 1st grade, it will not be funny to hit Carlos in the crotch with your fist. It will be the most trouble you ever get in in elementary school.
2. In 3rd grade do not follow the new girl named Sunshine around and make fun of her name. She is a lot tougher than you and when you have a more hippie mentality you will appreciate her name more.
3. In 5th grade, when you are in history class and Mrs. Crozier asks what war the most Americans died in, dont say WW2. You will just feel dumb for the rest of your life for not remembering that the Civil War is when Americans fought each other.
4. No one will think you are cooler in 6th grade when your boyfriend gets in a fight at school. He will be embarrassed and you will get in a lot of trouble with him later...
5. 7th grade is when all the girls really turn mean. Just dont act the same way and you will be fine. Just suffer through...
6. You know that guy you wouldn't ever go out with? The one who ended up bringing a gun to school? Good call.
7. Maybe rethink that haircut you get right before starting high school. I really think it made a big difference in who your friends were.
8. Definitely always be prouder of being a girl and do not be so concerned with being "one of the guys". Eventually you will learn you cannot and should not be "one of the guys" forever.
9. Stay close to some friends that are your own age. Otherwise everyone goes to college and you are all alone.
10. You may not be part of the "cool crowd" but you are even more awkward when you join the Bible beaters. Just be comfortable and remember some of the geekier people are some of the most fun...
11. Ugh. Wes is a fun friend, but do not date him... that is toxic.
12. Everyone will try and talk you out of graduating early... but this one you made the right choice on. Do it anyway.

Ha- those are just the few off the top of my head to get me through high school. Perhaps I will come up with a college edition, but that one will have to be a bit more censored and cryptic, I imagine. What would some of your advice be to a younger you?