Holiday Epics

 One of the best things about the holiday season is the plethora of epic blockbusters you have to choose from upon your inevitable family trip to the movies... While it goes without saying that none of the can be compared to Rudolph above ;), I can't help but be moved as I allow these movies work their magic on me and sink into the fantastic, other-world they create for me.

The Hobbit, Les Miserables, and Hyde Park on the Hudson are of course at the top of the list, but I just wanted to touch upon the movie Cole and I got to see before setting out for holiday travel and that was Lincoln.

I wont go on about the harrowing tale of getting the 13th amendment passed, or the pride I felt at the principles of our 16th president, or even the stark contrast in the difference between the Civil War's political parties and today's.

I really wanted to touch on something that especially struck a chord with me and is more relevant to the season.

If you have seen it, there is a part in the movie when Lincoln is arguing with his wife about the perils of war as it pertains to their family and the imminent danger of having their son enlist in the military. They have both suffered through losing a child already and Mary accuses Lincoln of not having grieved or felt for their loss.

I wish I could quote the movie directly, but he goes on to state that we are each alone in carrying our own burdens and that each of us has our own load to bare. Lincoln tells his wife it is the choice each of us are faced with as to whether we will do our best to lighten the other's load, or weigh it down further.

Maybe it was seeing this with my husband that helped this ring so true with me, but as I thought more about it, it really is applicable to most every relationship we have with another person. When our first inclination is to always blame someone else or not take responsibility for the crosses we bare, I found comfort in the quiet reassurance that it is not my job to unload another persons problems, but to help- in any small way- to lighten the load a bit.

We each have our own demons that we will deal with in whatever way we choose, but take this holiday to know that it is only ones own issues that you are responsible for... and perhaps along the way do your best to not add to the weight of anyone else's problems.

We went to dinner afterward and I told my husband that, while I understand I cant always solve every crisis, I would always do my best to lighten his load. Hopefully as I write, paint, and interact with others on a regular basis- I can do my best to do the same for you.

Happy Holidays. Gotta love those holiday epics...