Going Home

Getting ready to ship out for home, touring the great states of Louisiana and Texas for the holidays. Like everyone else we tell we are driving home from Indiana, you may be wondering how long it takes us, but after our many moves around the country and many drives home, the 14 short hours it takes to get to Louisiana (the first stop) seem pretty easy. One of the many things we never considered when we got a St Bernard 5 years ago was the burden he would place on our ability to travel. You definitely find out who your friends are (or not in most of our cases ;) ) when you are looking for someone to keep your 200 lb dog! Anyway, he has always made traveling for us a road trip with our bags and presents always arriving at our destination covered in varying amounts of hair and drool. If you didn't see it on Facebook, I'll repost our red-neck present transport here...
I can always get most of our presents in the ice chest we take home, but it does leave the bigger gifts (and typically the more expensive ones) at the whim of ole Hooch in the back..
Obviously not our Eli, but you get the idea... To take our country roots a step further, the ice chest actually serves another purpose besides protecting gifts. The only reason we take it home at all (in fact the only time we ever use it ever) is to bring home deer meat from down south. Our families are both so deeply rooted in the tradition of hunting that they are always over flowing with meals that need a home. We can usually come back with a good couple months of sustenance if we put ourselves to the task of eating it every night. Since I have been married you wouldn't believe the things I have found to do with deer...!

So we'll see what we get in the exchange this year! Cutlets, and back strap, and sausage, oh my! Makes me feel like we are setting off on the Oregon Trail to trade our wares! Although depending on the behavior of everyone in the family, going home could also aptly be titled the Trail of Tears! TBD how this holiday will play out! You know there are always shenanigans when you're going home!