The Real Economy

You cannot turn on the TV, flip open a paper, listen to the radio, or go to work without hearing about job loss. But while I can moan and groan and complain with the next person all day long about the economy... how many of us can say we have genuinely felt what it has all meant? I really cant. We dont have a lot of money or anything, but we do work hard and have everything we need, as does everyone else we know.

This really hit home the other day when I was perusing the audio books at the public library (have to write another post about the glories of the public library...) and couldn't help but overhear a woman who had run into her social worker. They were discussing how she'd been doing and how all her job interviews had been going when she got a phone call and immediately started bawling. It was her latest prospect calling to tell her she was hired!

I mean she did thew whole bit! Raised her hands in the air, endlessly thanked Jesus, tears all over the place... and I was glad her social worker was there to calm her down as the library staff (rather rudely I thought) started giving her the SHUSH fingers and asking her to keep it down! She yelled between sobs, "Im sorry.... I am so sorry... I just got a job!!!" And I was so excited for her.

It was such a humbling and touching moment to help keep everything in perspective these days as the bickering and insults seem endless. It is nice to be reminded of real people with real problems.