The best I can do...

I have been holding off on this post because I needed to reflect on it without flying off the handle in a long rant directed at the first really poor art show I have done. While I know there are always complaints about ever show, this particular show is one that I couldn't find a whole lot of NICE things to say about. So I decided to do what I do best and make a list. It is a NOT TO DO list for art shows which could be large and very involved, but this particular one will just stick to the recent atrocities at, lets call it- Oxfirefay Arkpay.
Booth of hay after flooding and being told to not worry... it looked more "Fall Themed"

For show organizers...
1. DO NOT call your show a Fine Arts show then proceed to allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry in who make soaps, candles, paints styrofoam, or tie-dies t-shirts.
2. DO NOT then charge admission for patrons to get in and see said "Fine Art" that they could see for free in every other gift shop in the same town as the show is in.
3. DO NOT promote food vendors then proceed to only serve BBQ cardboard or Kettle Corn.
4. When given the choice between silence or local "musicians" who are trying to make their mark by stylizing familiar songs to only be sung in one flat note for 3 full minutes, ALWAYS CHOOSE SILENCE.
5. DO NOT allow a free-for-all pack up at the end of a show at which hardly anyone made money and sat in the cold wet weather hoping it would be over soon. This permits the retired hobbyist at the end of a row of 30 tents with no other outlet to back their van in and completely block off everyone else from breaking down and getting the hell out of there.
6. I MEAN, REALLY?????

Breathing, breathing... taking a break as I can feel myself getting worked up :).

Okay, for the- we'll call them vendors...
1. You are a representation of your business. DO NOT show up ANYWHERE to sell your wares wearing a matching sweatsuit that terminates with anything resembling a band of elastic around your ankle.
2. DO NOT wear said sweatsuit (#1 and #2 are different people who must just shop at the same outlet store) while having a way too loud personal conversation on your cell phone concerning your child getting out of juvenile detention in front of potential customers... or fellow artists for that matter.
3. And PLEASE DO NOT come into my tent to compare the above show to the normal flea markets you do and wonder why you are not doing as well at this one. It makes me cringe and makes me wish I could've saved myself the trouble and written this beforehand in order to refer you to it after said comment.

OK rant over. For a better written and more complete review of this experience please visit here.
Thanks for listening!