Super Stoked

So, have you guys seen Whip It? Well, while I had roller derby aspirations long before the movie release, seeing Whip It only further lit the fire under my endeavor to find a team to be a part of. I feel like roller derby doesn't discriminate and lends itself to being a cult combination of retro activity and an acceptable outlet for every woman's pent up rage and hostility!!!

Well hold on to your sets... I HAVE FOUBD A TEAM!!! In spite of my excitement at the prospect of being able to roller skate and knock girls on their ass (while simultaneously being knocked on mine) it seemed a pipe dream, which I would only daydream about! So here in South Bend, once a friend of mine attended a rally and found out they were holding try-outs... there was only a mild twisting of my arm in order to get me on board!

If my husband has taught me anything it has been to always always always tell people I am the best at anything I am going to do... maybe if other people believe it, it will be true! So I have been prancing around for the past week bragging about my skating skills (which I haven't tested for 20 years) and my propensity to jab an elbow (which im certain as true when my sister and I were young).
Pretty sure no one ever who has played roller derby has been this cute... certainly wont pertain to me, but a girl can dream...

Well tonight is the night!!! I am going to find my best pair of hot shorts and pantyhose and do my damnedest to give me hell on that rink!!! Wish me luck for the try-out and lets hope I am rolling out of there on my own 8 skates rather than the four wheels of an ambulance!