Riverfront Arts Fest: Columbus OH

Catching up on some show posts... Riverfront Arst Festival was in Columbus Ohio at the end of this past September.
I came to this show definitely not knowing what to expect because everyone who I told I was going to Riverfront told me I was better off staying home and I thought that was unfortunate.  By the end of the show I was pleasantly surprised, but everyone's sales seemed to be all over. It was my first time attempting to set up a corner booth which was fun, but they weighted it for me and I could've done without the barrels, I think...
Corner Booth... note the truck scale in front of my tent.

If you do shows, or even attend a lot of shows you know to always be on the lookout for the photographer there ready to bankroll his show with pictures of fill-in-whatever-city-you-are-in's skyline or popular attractions. This guy was across from me in Columbus, but because out booths had such a wide spanse in between, I didn't have to openly glare at him for all of his sales :). Haha... he and his wife were funny... and really working it!
The painter next to me had a slow slow time and I hated that since his stuff was so beautiful... but it was higher end at 800- 1500 a piece and this crowd was definitely not full of the high end buyers he wanted...
Night view from booth

I am 2D Mixed Media and found the traffic to be slow, but steady. I knew the football game was obviously a big draw away from doing anything else. 
The biggest plus of the show is a program they participate in which I hear more and more shows are catching onto. Riverfront's is called Art Bucks and they work it by taking a portion of their profits and giving them out in hundred dollar increments to patrons to spend on our art! You sign up and have the chance to win up to $600 each hour and the show ends up giving back $10,000 over the course of the weekend. Its a wonderful initiative to encourage more of the public to invest in art and a great encouragement to artists to know some of their investment in a show is going to a good cause. 
The nights were fun too and tastefully done with their food and music. I could get done each night and know I just had a little walk down to get some yummy BBQ and hear some Indigo Girls covered... I was hooked! 
Columbus Riverfront

The only real complaint I have was the eyesore of my whole weekend. All the tents were located across a bring in downtown and wouldn't you know that my tent was placed right beside the big truck scale for cargo going across the bridge. OMG. I have never seen more adults be so fascinated my seeing their weight put up on a large screen! ALL WEEKEND LONG... between everyone who came through- adults and children alike- they all thought it was soooo cool to, "see how much I weigh? now you hop on and see how much we weigh together .. now the whole family all together... oh my gosh, now just me and the dog..." etc, etc... It drove me crazy. Plus it took most people to get down to my booth to realized the scale moved a bit underneath them, so they would stumble off the scale into my booth exclaiming, "I am going to be sick from that thing!" Greaaaat. And every single one of them always looked up at as if I hadnt heard the 50 people before them say the EXACT SAME THING. Haha... it became a running joke with us on the end. I even had one person stand on the scale in front of one of my pieces and say, "Oh my gosh, her work moves back and forth!" When it was them actually doing the moving... Oy!
Me in Booth

But yes... other than that Mr Lincoln, how was the play? ;)
Beautiful setting with a great show and more great people. Not the biggest money maker, but wouldn't hesitate to try it again!