Okay, Part 2

So, Penrod part deux is not nearly as exciting as the first part I wrote about here, but it is a bit less scroogie...

I left off having got about 2-4 hours of restless "sleep" and I didnt even get the vengeful jolt of the alarm I had planned to let go off forever because I was awake before it sounded. I almost felt too tired to be a pain the ass anyway, so I tiptoed about having laid out everything I would need the night before, so that I would be able to manage in the dark without disturbing my roommate. Pheh. This was obviously before I had become disgruntled with her. Yes, I am awesome.

I grabbed my pile and headed toward the community bathroom feeling grateful no one else would be up and about. All of the bedrooms opened to one little hallway and, for Pete's sake, I do not know why whoever was in in the bedroom next to ours chose to sleep with the door open...? Anyway, I closed the bathroom door and proceeded to get ready for the day when I heard the weirdest noise come from the hallway. Now, to keep this post from droning on as long as the last one we'll skip to the chase and clarify there was no one actually in the hallway. I eventually discerned these noises must have been coming from the open door of the men's bedroom. But I cant emphasize enough the extreme "wookie" nature of these outbursts! They ranged from something that sounded like talking (although to who at 4 in the morning was what creeped me out) to, as I said, wookie yawns. If you are not sure what that is, just take a listen...
In my sleep deprived state all I could imagine as I put my face on was some weirdo standing outside the bathroom door growling at me until I emerged, but as I said... it ended up being every anticlimactic. However, the sounds were enough to put a pep in my step... by the polite and unintrusive light of my phone I gathered the rest of my things from the bedroom and high-tailed it out into the pitch black morning.

At the actual fair, it was pretty nice to have no one around as I fumbled through my artwork trying to hang frames in the dark. My tent was thankfully still in one piece after the storms, albeit soaking wet and every now and then the nice volunteers would fly by in their golf carts, spewing light into the cracks of my tent just long enough for me to regain my bearing. I gave myself a leg up and left my car doors open for a little bit of light and convinced myself that everyone who was up at that time was definitely game for the pop tunes I was playing just a bit too loudly out of my car. Rhianna? 5 am? Anyone? I managed to get everything up and still have time to swing by Starbucks before I parked and shuttled back to the fairgrounds.

Penrod, somewhere along the way, started tag lining its show as being "Indiana's Nicest Day" and while some years that has proven very ironic, this year it really did end up being a beautiful day. It was the first show I had regretted not bringing a backup pair of shoes as my feet were freezing all day in my flip-flops. I am the type whose feet set the temperature for the rest of my body, so I definitely shivered the whole day, but if I had just dressed appropriately it would have been wonderful... you never know with the weather.

I had a couple minutes to check out the surrounding artists before the show opened and in a moment of weakness made some quick calls to family in a panic as to my place in the fair. I got so intimidated by the talent surrounding me! this was the first time that I really thought so much of the work was just beautiful! I was put off at first by the girl setting up next to me because we had work that I thought was too similar to be neighbors, but I think mostly I just loved her stuff and thought it would draw away from mine. Her name was Jennifer Mujezinovic and once my husband and sister had talked me back from the ledge I was able to get to know her and even got to trade some prints with her! Here are my acquisitions...
Quiet Watercolors by J Mujezinovic

Irish Tea by J Mujezinovic
I think they are just beautiful and I am delighted to have them. they are so creepily endearing... like a Tim Burton movie.

So I was glad she went on to have a great show at Penrod.

My show went well too as long as I keep my head on my shoulders and do not try and compare myself with others who have been doing it for years. I found it very interesting the different crowd that attended this show as it was the first one I have done that charged admission. You could tell people were coming to buy art and to appreciate what was being displayed. I sold three originals and it is always very surprising to me which ones fly and to whom. Some people want to buy immediately for fear it will be snatched up if they let it sit and some will wander the entire show and come back to my tent to say, "There is nothing else like this here..." and they want to invest in MY work. That is what always floors me. That of all 350 artists... this person came back to me. What a great feeling.

So I am glad to be in a place where the warm and fuzzies still mean something. I made some money, left with less stuff than I brought, and just have to remember to keep going and only compare my success to my own definition.

Penrod was a beautiful fair on beautiful grounds on a beautiful day. There was plenty of help if you needed it and everyone tried to be as organized as possible. I will definitely keep this show on my "to do" list next year. And perhaps by that time I wont be pinching pennies to get into the hostel!