The Past 2 Weeks

The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy between having company and trying to get ready for my upcoming trip to the east coast! My in laws came in the first week and while some would think it is hard to show so many people the same old things around here over and over again, Cole's parents were fun to introduce to our home and community if for no other reason than they hadn't left Louisiana for the last 25 years!

 It is fun when things are so new to people and you are the one who gets to show it to them, to hear the wonder in their voice, to see the awe in their eyes... it is quite a trip! You can imagine having country come to Chicago and it feeling like a whole new world! When my father-in-law saw lake Michigan from the banks of the city he said, "This may be the most beautiful place I have ever seen!" Haha!

So that made it fun! Between that, some genuine deep dish pizza (always my favorite part), the Bean, and the architecture- I think it was a successful trip.

While they were here, my MIL and I also go to travel not too far to the Amish Arts and Crafts Festival in Nappanee IN. While arts and crafts seemed to be loosely defined at this particular show, it was a nice hot afternoon and always a treat to get to at some delicious Amish treats! Again experiencing culture shock, I got tickled whenever anyone in a bonnet would walk buy and not 2 steps after them, my MIL would hit me in the arm and say, "I bet she was Amish...!" Too funny! However, it is fun to see people genuinely enjoy some of the things we take for granted each day. When so often every day seems like the same old, same old, it is refreshing to realize there are always new things to explore and discover- whether they are big or small!

I guess that is a good thing to keep in mind when it comes to my art as well which is what I have been having to focus on this past week. I have been working so hard to get ready for my back to back shows coming up in Baltimore and Pittsburgh. I am excited, but cant quite put my finger on what thrills me most- the actual shows, the promotional opportunities, just getting out of South Bend, or getting to hang with my two favorite girls in the whole world- my mom and sister!

Sara has provided me with a great excuse to do these far away shows (10 hours, ugh) because she lives in the DC area and makes it easy for me to just stay with her while I "work"! Plus, it all worked out perfectly since the week in between the 2 shows is her birth week, so we will all be looking forward to good food, good fun, and lots of laughs... as usual with us three... well besides the good food. her birthday just gives us an excuse to have at least one good meal!

Here are some of the pieces I have worked on since my last post...
This is a fun piece and, if you know me, it is pretty indicative of my world! I figured it would amuse my mom sine she always accuses me of dancing to my beat!

These little friends of mine are legitimate members of The Freckled Army! Misfits, rascals, and hoodlums, ha! I love the idea of thinking back to school when we voted on labels for people. What an honor I would have thought it to be considered The LEAST Likely to be who everyone thought I would be! Each of these girls gets the opportunity to do that! 

So while I am traveling, I will try and do what I do worst and that is take some pictures, ha! Sara (she is much more dedicated to taking photos) will have to help document some of my first promotional gigs as I will have a short news spot on the Baltimore morning news and a small interview in the Pittsburgh Tribune! I am delighted and eager to see if and how it will effect business while I am there! Will see what I can get my hands on to post here when its all done!

So, I feel some great, great opportunities are coming my way and I am excited- with fall around the corner- to see what will happen! Stay tuned!