Old Town Experience

In preparation for my first art fair, I have been trying to put the time in to go around and check out different shows. I went to Old Town Art Fest in Chicago last weekend and was excited to meet two artists whose work I really admire... first I added to my little collection some Dolan Geiman.
I do my best to be a good little collector, but am sure the artists I love are disappointed when after all of my gushing I cant even manage a measly hundred dollars! Slowly, but surely though... the ones who are understanding will gain a repeat customer! Anyway... Dolan and his wife are a team doing art shows around the country and couldn't have been sweeter... look at his great site and find cool pieces like this...
Dolan refers to his art as having a southern accent and I love it! Seems so perfectly accurate!

Next is an artist who I am disappointed was priced out of my range, but am so glad I got to shake his hand regardless... Benjamin Frey was recommended to me by an artist (Leah) I met and admire at the Broad Ripple Art show.
Ben does these beautiful collage, acrylic, and charcoal pieces that are so up my alley dealing with carnival and circus themes. They are so wonderful! This one is titled "Mother and Child" and reminds me of Disney's Dumbo! Remember "Baby Mine"? *Tear... Anyway- he said at the show he will accept payment plans, so you should definitely hit him up for a piece for your collection... He is great!

So these were my two highlights among the other great people there. The show was interesting and will have to be kept in mind for next year... I am learning so much about this business and I haven't even started yet! Hopefully it will be great prep for my future shows! GO SEE THESE TWO GUYS!