Grand Haven Art Festival

I know, I know... have been a bit MIA lately... excuse, excuse, excuse... was getting ready for my first art festival. Finally getting back to reporting on it here since most of my time beforehand was spent fretting, fretting, fretting... wringing hands nervously....

Im quite sure, like anything else, all the worry was for nothing... at least nothing for the silly things I was actually worried about. I believe I built myself up for great disappointment from the beginning because, for some reason, I found it valid to worry most about being accepted by my fellow artists than actually selling anything!

The artists at the show could not have been more wonderful or helpful. I LOVED the couple my booth was next to and artists came from all around to congratulate me and see my work! It felt quite wonderful and validating... now if I could make the sale, haha!

But while sales were skinny, it was hard to get down with such a positive reception from the public alongside the other artists. I wish I could package up all the kind comments and read through them whenever I feel down. Everyone was wonderful.

We had a 5 a.m. set up which no one seems to be happy about, but I think I may prefer it when I think about how much hotter it got after that. At least when you are up before everyone else you don't have to worry about the heat, the traffic, the congestion... I can be a good early bird if I want to be. Load in and set up was easy as I didn't have to haul anything too far... it sure isn't for sissies though... I don't know if I could put the same years in as some of the other artists...

The show, as I said, was full of spectators and nice comments but perhaps seemed a bit more traditional crowd for my stuff. I got a lot of "Your art is so unique... I haven't seen anything like this..." So maybe it just will take some time to grow on people.

After a fun, albeit fruitless, day conversing with my new friends and trying to absorb some great insider tips, we all closed up for the day Saturday and I cant remember the last time I slept so hard (another perk for the 12 hour work day).

Sunday predicted doom and gloom off and on all day, but to no avail as it turned out to be a beautiful day with cooler temperatures and a nice breeze. Maybe the threat of bad weather kept some people away since everyone seemed to have a slower day on Sunday, but a wonderful day to be outside either way. Again... not many sales for me, but I wish I could be paid for each person that asked if I illustrated children's books! (PS- is anyone writing a children's book and in need of an illustrator? Just asking... haha)

Tear down went smoothly as well with the weather staying nice and I was packed up and heading out in no time. Being a bit bummed I didnt make any money, I treated myself to the biggest bacon burger I could find on my way out of town! And it was GOOD!!!

So, obviously the show could've been more financially memorable, but otherwise a nice trial run with easy conditions and the best people.

All I can do now is try and stay positive and hope for a better showing in Chicago in a couple weeks. I just have to believe good things will come from this. I feel it. I do.

Special thanks to these artists who went out of their way to be sweet to me...
Larry Hughes
Lenny Putz
Renate Favour
and of course the ever energized and positive Martin Team (Jenny and Scott) They get another link just for putting up with me!

Thanks to you guys for the encouragement and for all the great energy from everyone who stopped by as an art lover! Keep me in mind as I panic and freak out for the Chicago Tribune Show!