Converse Parties

If you haven't gotten the latest issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors, it has the best article in it about decorating Converse!
Cloth. Paper. Scissors.
Now, as this craze has sort of gotten big, I admit I have been a  bit on the fence as to how I feel about these "hand painted" converse. But this issue talks about "parties" of sorts at three of the big Converse manufacturers in Soho, Boston, and Santa Monica ( of course nowhere near me). But you and a group of friends can go in with a piece of your art (something you made or isnt copyrighted) OR they have hundreds of patterns you can choose from... anyway, you have your art, you actually PICK a pair from every style of converse imaginable, and they proceed to heat transfer your art into the shoe!!! It is so cool to read about! Then they shuffle you into a craft room full of embellishments so you may decorate your shoes to your hearts content- or of course bring your own decor from home! I thought this was such a clever and fun idea... they dont list prices that I saw, so I am sure it is a pretty penny... but if an occasion presents itself that you can splurge a little with some of your besties, bounce this idea off them- and be sure and tell me how it goes!!!