Catching Up

The Vintage Cottage
EEEK! I feel I have been a bad blogger! What is up? I am so sporadic and sometimes so absent! And Im quite sure my blog feels bi-polar... but, I'm doing my best! Just a bit all over the place, so my apologies!

So, I've gotten very caught up with marketing on Facebook lately and I feel like it has been at the expense of my blog! I received a text last night from an aunt in TX who is so sweet to let me know- even though she cant figure out how to comment directly on here :)- she loves to keep up with my posts! It made me feel good to hear from her, but also reminded me that some people ARE actually reading these things! Sometimes it is easy to forget when I get caught up in my own little world!

So this is going to be a little catch up post about a couple things that I have been up to for my readers who dont follow me on Facebook- I have been so unfair! So, for Lisa...

Mostly I have been making a lot of new work. I have linked a couple posts to Etsy about my work, but realize it is sometimes just easier to look at it here, so here are the pieces I have failed to blog about...
Sand Castle

Flight of Fancy
Roots and Wings
Slow Down
Winging It
And I think thats all you may have missed... I have another finished piece to photograph, but will try and do better at blogging them as I go! ANYWAY- all that is to say I have been working hard to gather pieces for the show I am doing in July! My first art show will be in the middle of downtown Chicago and I figure, if I dont know anything else about what I am getting into- dammit, I sure will have some work to show!

It is The Chicago Tribune North Michigan Avenue Art Festival, and I am going back and forth between excited, anxious, and terrified! It should be a good opportunity though... Im told thats what people say when they are not sure if they will be successful or not!

These are crap pictures, I know, but the best I could get off the website. So thats all that I really have been up to! The show is July 6th, 7th, and 8th, so... stay tuned as to how it goes. Until then, I promise to be more present and keep my Bloggers as abreast as my Facebookers!

Love you guys!