Beach Fun?

With the midwest having experienced some record breaking heat, the natural thing everyone talked about it wanting to go to the beach. Being from TX (and an eternal skeptic), I of course was one of the first to raise an eyebrow. After all, what is a beach without salt, brown water, gobs of seaweed, and 1 million Texans :) (Gulf of Mexico). But needed a break form my artistic endeavors I decided to bite and planned a trip over memorial day weekend to Silver Beach along the southeast side of Lake Michigan. I was destined to make this trip alone, not knowing anyone who loves the "beach" as I do, but after much protest on my part and a very visible internal struggle, my husband- for some reason- opted for a beach day over his video games. Im sure most women would relish in the company of their husband and readily enjoy their time together in such a relaxing setting, but if there is one thing I have learned about my husband... NEVER have him do something he does not want to be doing! I KNOW that Cole does not like the beach and this is supposed to be MY relaxing day and while it is very sweet he insists I have to do too many things by myself, I definitely knew how this was going to end.

So we pack up an ice chest, get in our swimming duds and begin the 30 mile drive in the 90 degree heat. For brevity's sake- the beach was lovely. Just like a normal beach, but dare I say... cleaner? The water is absolutely freezing, but not any worse really than the Pacific if you've been to a Cali beach. Obviously it is pretty crowded in some areas, so we- in true misanthropic style- nestle down in the loneliest part of the sand and it begins... our "relaxing" day at the beach.

Cole looking in pain (probably accurately) Me, half casper. No, thats not a white blanket on my legs.

Now, having been raised a people watcher, I was always under the impression that it was a natural human past-time. My dear mother has passed on to me the impressive ability to sit and watch people for hours. Maybe it is part of the artist in me, but I always find it fascinating to wonder at peoples stories, analyze their personal relationships on their beach towels, critique how their children are behaving, and size up who should (and should not) be wearing THAT swim suit! Tell me, who is this not fun for? Well... Cole. Cole is who this is not fun for. It says I am invading people's privacy and look creepy! But... WHAT IS PRIVATE ABOUT BEING ALMOST NAKED IN A PUBLIC SPACE? Anyway, I won't bore you with this circular argument concerning beach goers conscious contribution to human's natural voyeuristic tendencies, but... its true. If you are at the beach, you know people are looking at you.

Yes, this is actually Silver Beach
But before you feel too bad for my husband, know that I can armed (as any good mother would) with entertainment... Nintendo DS (cant see the screen), iPod (the black color gets too hot), books ( I dont want sand in them), snacks (its too hot to eat)... *sigh. Culminating with the all consuming self sacrifice of "I'll just sit here until you are ready to go..." ARGH! What is relaxing about trying to lay in the sun next to your husband when- through the sand- you can hear him drumming his fingers on the ground in anticipation of leaving? Now may be a good time to mention that Cole is also someone who doesn't believe in sunblock, you know, because he doesn't burn, he tans? And as lovely as his commitment was to "just sitting there" it was definitely short lived. Wind in my hair, sun on my face, people watching on my mind, cool water at my feet, bag of Doritos in my hand... then he hits me with it. "Im bored." *Cue doom music. I knew it was all over.

This is Silver Beach too!
After a brief conversation as to the different standards of entertainment for men and women and the all too intelligent argument that men who DO have the ability to "just lay there" must "just not be good at football..." it was time to pack up. Through the complaining, Cole steady assured me he was fine, or it would be different if we could just (fill in the blank here with anything exciting). As we packed up, he promised "next time" we come we will just have to rent some kayaks, bring a grill, a soccer ball, and some friends... Yes. All in the name of relaxing with my brazen lobster man... the same one I begged to stay home that morning. I love him :).