Art Fair Business

This art fair business is stressing me out! Worrying and fretting and making and doing... I had a lot to think about before and then my husband wants to sit me down and talk about "business". Well- thats no fun. Numbers and inventory and budgets oh my! Ugh. I thought I was just doing well to keep up with all my receipts! Well, maybe one of these days he'll make me a spread sheet to actually keep track of how much money I am losing... er making :). Until then, I did spend last weekend doing some "research" and visited the Broad Ripple Art Fair in Indianapolis, so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite finds!
Paul Flack

Shannon Godby

Christine Mount Kapp

Greg Turco

Leah Dziewit
I realize this is a horrible picture, but she isn't online at all... if you happen to come across her amazing clothes at a fair, snatch one up... or at least get her schedule for next time!

These are just a few of my favorites as I (along with my wallet) relished in the 91 degree festival! But it was worth it! I have a couple more on my list to visit before my own first show, so I can only hope to get it down to an art (haha) like these guys before then! Check out my Facebook page for my show schedule if interested and cross your fingers this all works out so you wont see me lining up to try out for American Idol in July... yes, if art doesn't work out- singing is my Plan B. Who says I'm not being practical?