Wishy Washy Wednesday

I have been a bit all over the map lately which has led to my blogging being sporadic. But I am still trying to get the hang of all these creative endeavors and it tends to leave me sort of whirling about. How does one keep an active blog and Facebook... plus the, like, 10 other social media sites the masses insist you be on and still have anything worth reading about? I just dont know sometimes!!! So at the end of the day I usually just forget it all and make stuff! But then neglect all the outlets I have to use to sell it, haha! Good grief! ::Reminding myself to be patient and things will work out::

Anyway- all of that being said, I am excited with the new stuff I have made, so if you haven't been keeping up on Etsy or Facebook, you should check it out! I am also thinking about some new avenues to explore with my pieces, so I'll keep you posted (for real this time). Have also been keeping busy applying to some art fairs, which seems easy enough when they are as far away as September, but a couple opportunities have come up to participate in shows this summer and it made my stomach tie a few knots. We'll see what pans out... EEEK!

What about you? Where are you now?
Thinking of you...