Easter Eggs

Like every other little girl, I used to take such care and precision at Easter when it came to dying my eggs. So precarious was the task of lowering that fragile shell into the plastic cup of tablet dyed solid ink that to give each egg full and consistent color is virtually impossible! I remember it driving the artist-in-training 6 year old me crazy! Little did I know, however, the extent to which my perfectionist dreams could be dashed if I were to pursue the popular and professional art of egg decorating that has had so many of us stop in awe of the fragile and delicate, intricate craft of what the pros so fondly call "egging"!

From geese, to ostrich, to hens... from hobbyists, to amateurs, to connoisseurs... here are some quick favorites for Easter that have me thankful I hung up my hat for decorating these beauties long ago!!!