Cultivating Happiness Pt 2

So I promised a couple posts ago when talking about how we each cultivate happiness individually to genuinely consider this and share the ways I cultivate happiness on the days it doesn't just come naturally.  I tried to think hard about this... not only distinguishing the things that give me a little pick me up, but why I think they do so. To be clear, I tried to stay away from the easy things such as being creative, which some days is more of a job, and of course being with my family, which relies on someone else to be happy. These are things that are just for me. Here is what I have come up with:

I love to sing. When we were little my sister and I would act out entire Broadway musicals after having drawn parts from a hat... we included every single cast member and would spend hours singing through- sometimes choreographing- the show. That has definitely followed me into adulthood. My husband and I both sing all the time actually which makes for a melodic home, but he makes fun of me for keeping up with the numerous singing shows in TV. I think I do it though because I could secretly be those people. My artistry could have just as easily taken a different route to be a performer and I would've been just as happy. So when I am alone... maybe doing something crappy like the dishes... I definitely have my own spotlight. And I think it gives me a little endorphin rush.

I love to BBQ. I am not really sure where this came from... Texas, maybe? I do not like to be the one standing at the grill, but anytime I know that when Cole gets home we are going to get to sit in the backyard and chat over something smoking over charcoal, it has me excited all day! Now it may sound like I just like to be outside with my husband, but the grilling aspect is essential. Maybe there is something that feels like home about it. Perhaps I just have a lot of fond memories about cooking out. It is definitely a communal thing be it 2 people or 20. BBQ brings people together.

Ok this one is kind of funny. I think I love heat. Hahaha! I was trying to think of things that excite me and bring me joy, so I was coming up with bonfires, laying in the sun, hot showers... and I put together that I really just like my skin to be hot! I really put it all together when I considered getting into bed with my heating pad every night. I REALLY like to get in bed with a heating pad on my feet and I do it most nights, whether it is cold or not. This may all sound pretty run of the mill, and maybe it is... but let em clarify it is not that I just enjoy being warm. I practically like my skin to burn off! I set the shower on full hot until it is scorching, my heating pad is on high until it sears my feet, I sit too close to the fire, and love to bake in the sun. It is not enough to be warm- that feels annoying... I definitely must be on fire... and it makes me happy. Weird?

The last fool proof thing I came up with will be no surprise if you have read any of my previous posts. I love to read. In fact the post before this that pointed out this site really summed it up. I love the knowledge a book offers and the camaraderie I develop with the characters, no matter what their situation or station. Some people work for the weekend? I sometimes work just to reward myself by getting in bed to read. I tell myself, 'If you get this done now, you can start reading sooner without the guilt of wasting time!" I know this is a common love for many people, but sometimes feel I cannot express in the right words or take enough time to really highlight my passion for a good story! I should join a book club. Why is this just now dawning on me? I think I would do it immediately if I could be the one to choose the book each month! Ha... we would for sure only get to read what I wanted to!

So have you thought about how you cultivate happiness at all? But I mean really thought about it?

You should. Definitely.