Loving These Ladies

Remember way back when (over New Year's, ha) when I talked about my sister, Sara getting married? Well she finally got some of the pictures back, so I wanted to show you a couple of my favorites... of course they are not of the actual wedding (just take my word that is was beautiful), but just of my favorite women!
Me,  Mom and Sara... Somehow there were not any great pics of just me and sister, but I love this one of all three of us. These girls are my rock and sooo supportive of me whatever I am going through! What would I do without my two best friends? Funny how different all three of us look in this picture...
And again of course me and my sweet sweet momma... No words can express how awesome she is. The true definition of what is means to be a Mother and a friend... even after I got my tattoos! Love, love, these girls!!!
Me and Sara after blubbering through a toast...  could've been a better pic if 1. You couldn't see my front teeth, haha and 2. I had not insisted on holding onto my beer, although come to think of it I guess the teeth and the beer go hand in hand here.
Lastly, my pretty little, big sister... in all her short glory! so precious, so beautiful! Love it!

Thanks for looking and being mushy with me!!! Its raining here today, so any sunshine you want to send over would be much appreciated! Friday hugs to you!

PS... didnt blog about my new artwork, but here it is...
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