While, admittedly, I was late getting on board with this trilogy of books... once I invested in the story- it was all over for me! I get SO emotionally attached to the books I am reading, and The Hunger Games had me all over the map- laughing, crying, angry! It has been almost two years since I finished reading all of them (for the 2nd time actually... I hate to admit that when I finished the series the 1st time, I immediately started reading the whole thing again...) and I have done very well at resisting the urge to re-read before the movie release. I have learned from experience that the more time I allow to pass between reading a book and seeing its movie, the easier it is to allow for all the cinematic changes. And while I would pick a good book everyday over a good movie (especially one that has such a high standard to live up to), I learned last night that The Hunger Games is actually 2 and a half hours long!!! Hopefully that leaves more room to tell the whole story... and you better believe I will be glued to my oddly smelling theater seat the whole time!

What do you think? Are you going to see The Hunger Games?