Cool Announcement!

I am really excited to show you a couple things I have been working on! It is going to be a new product offering in my Etsy Shop, so You are hearing about it first! If you are familiar with my paintings, you know how colorful and fun they can be, so I thought- WHY NOT PERSONALIZE IT?
Amber and Joey
This is a wedding gift I just made for a dear friend of mine and I was so thrilled about how cute and sweet it came out! It perfectly captures their happy and loving relationship and at the same time has a sweet reminder of the most important thing in marriage... LAUGHTER!

Mom, Elissa, & Sara
This one is a birthday gift for my Mom, which I know she will just cry over! But I thought it is a great idea for any Mom, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Friend... as a constant reminder of how special they are to you! In this one specifically I incorporated some old family photos into the background as part of the wallpaper... but the possibilities are endless! What would your special person like personalized?

Check my Shop for more details and email me from my blog, Etsy, or on Facebook for more information! I am so excited at what we could come up with together!