All Business

Whew! Worked hard today getting a lot of helpful business reading done as you can see by my MASSIVE notebook! But on the upside, I figured out what I can do to still be productive while enjoying the sun at the same time!!!

I read a book while I was out of town recently and am quite sure I am getting to the dance late, but it is called "Steal Like An Artist" by Austin Kleon. I LOVED IT and it is a perfect reference at any stage of the creative game! I mention it though because I laughed when he talked about how living in places with extreme weather helps you be productive... while I have gone on about working hard through the snow, he finds it most productive in TX to work hard through the long hot summers! Which I could relate to as well if I still lived in TX! Anyway- its worth a read and spot on your bookshelf at only 10 bucks!

Enjoy the weather where you are!