Outside the Circus

Third and Last piece for art show submission! I am happy with how they turned out for the most part, but I guess will always be my biggest critic as well. I will post about the show if I get in!
Here is a glowing review from my sweet, sweet sister about this work... She may be a bit biased, but I love her anyway! So awesome so have your loved ones support you!

"This one is really, REALLY good. IMHO, one of your best. Like I said before, the colors are brilliant. I really like the way the bulbs make the pattern of light on the ground that creates a sense of spatial recession, and the foreshortening and hair butt of the camel, and the cute little button on the back of the girl's coat (and her costume with the big shoulders totally makes her look like...what's the head of a circus called? I forget...). The picture reminds me of a book I read recently that I liked a lot, called The Night Circus (I know you won't read it so I don't know why I mention it, except just to say that the picture brings up positive associations in my mind and stuff). And I also like how you chose a camel b/c it makes me think that the girl who looks totally fearless is going on a journey out into the wilderness because she is not afraid to live beyond the circus! Anyway, this painting makes me very, VERY excited, and I would pay money for it and hang it on my wall. I'm kind of sad it's going away to the circus exhibition and probably going to be sold there because I want it (and I am sure they will take it because it's so awesome). The whole thing is just brilliant. I am SO PROUD of you!!"

I haven't mentioned she is an Art History PhD... Thats where she gets some of the professional lingo! Such encouraging things to say though, I had to share! My first glowing review, if you will... when I make it big, I can show people what my sister said all that time ago- and she will look even more brilliant than when she talks about Dutch Baroque! Love you Sara!