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I have been known as a lot of things in my short life so far, but just today have decided that the one thing I would like people to say about me when I die would be that I was brave.

This little (big) adventure I am on to start my own little (big) creative business is so scary. There are good, productive days and then there are those that are overcome with fear and anxiety. Today I am feeling it. I spend more time than I should probably admit just trying to calm myself down in my own head- not letting anyone know that I am not as cool as one may outwardly presume. It is fascinating to think of all the elaborate things ones imagination can come up with... that in the same brain I use to generate all of my creative energy, I can in the next moment have conjured all sorts of irrational negativity concerning my creative worth, success rate, and other peoples opinions of me.

But I sit each day and try to be proud of the brave girl I want to exhibit everyday. Each step I take toward what I really want to do and who I really want to be is a step to celebrate as a brave one. What others may see as small and insignificant, are the things I have to remind myself to see as cracking a window- remembering that once its open a little, it steady becomes a bit easier to open a lot.

Yes, if this is the one chance I get- my one life to live... I want to make it a brave one.